Infanti has incorporated a new service through its Design Department in an effort to further address current and potential clients’ needs.  We offer comprehensive advice for each project whether it is new construction or renovation of existing properties.  This service includes physical layouts, design boards, budgeting, and complete furnishing.

Infanti has incorporated new lines of chairs and furniture, ranging from the classic Chiavai chairs in all its variations, to folding chairs, upholstered chairs, lounge chairs, benches, sofas, etc… We also offer a large variety of upholstery materials to suit any client’s needs. We strive to assist our clients in resolving all of their needs.

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If you are looking to compliment a hardwood floor or a hand carved table, look no further for the right chair to complete your interior.  Our chairs offer the beauty and the warmth of wood, but the reliability and durability of aluminum.  Speak to our sales representatives to learn more about this exciting line of

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Infanti Brand Seating manufactures the most durable, reliable and long lasting banquet chairs and gaming stools delivered to all the markets we serve. Put your guests in an Infanti Chair and allow them to feel the comfort they deserve.

Find out how you can refurbish your existing furniture or seating with a new look.  We use the most current upholstery fabrics, materials and techniques.   

We offer a large upholstery materials selection, advice on taking care of your furniture, and an Interior Design Department. Take advantage of these services and let us assist you with your project!